In 2014, the MPS fiberglass crossarm product line released new product features, such as the brown color option and new mounting bases, was featured at the IEEE show in Chicago, began expansion into new international markets and new customers, had another consecutive record breaking sales year, and is now looking forward to more product line additions.

Crossarms are mechanical support members for equipment such as arresters, cutouts, insulators, and power line conductors. Depending on the type of equipment and size of the conductor mounted to the crossarm, the mechanical strength requirements will vary in order to support the applied load. For cost efficiency reasons, manufacturers offer a range of different crossarm products to serve customers’ specific application needs. MacLean Power Systems has a wide range of fiberglass crossarm offerings that cover multiple applications.

MPS released three new crossarms with different strength ranges:  PX deadend, PS tangent, and PY tangent. This allows MacLean Power Systems to add greater value for customers by precisely and cost effectively matching the crossarm rating to the strength required.

MPS engineering and production teams worked together to design, build, test, and qualify the new product additions. 2015 will continue to see MPS fiberglass crossarm product line growth.

Fiberglass Crossarm