In the fall of 2014, MacLean Maynard was a member of a select group of suppliers to General Motors to win the 2014 Supplier Quality Excellence Award. From all of the suppliers around the world, only 1,506 suppliers qualified to receive this award. Even more impressive, this was the third straight year MacLean Maynard has received this award. Only 80 suppliers in the world have been able to do this.

Suppliers must meet 13 specific quality requirements to show above standard performance. The most stringent is zero defects for all parts shipped. This is only possible with the hard work and dedication to excellence from all employees, which involves each and every employee doing their job and making sure it is done right. From the start of the process of getting a purchase order, to getting the order, making the parts, coordinating outside processing, inspecting, putting parts on the truck, sending ASN’s, everyone must do their job perfectly. This happens due to dedicated people who follow work instructions, and always think about the customer.

There was a message from the ceremony that deserves to be repeated.
As we go about our jobs each day, it is really easy to let a suspect part go. It is easy to think that someone else will catch it downstream. Take a moment and reflect on someone in your life who is very important to you. It could be a parent, a sibling, your child, or grandchild. Now, with each part you make, think about that person and ask yourself, would I want this part to end up in a vehicle they might be driving? Every part we make has the potential to affect the life of someone we hold dear.

This award is very significant as MacLean Maynard continues to evolve the business with the help of operational transformation, safety, and AQP. This award shows MacLean Maynard’s commitment to excellence and continuance to improve with best practices. By winning this award, MacLean Maynard is viewed in the GM system as a trusted supplier that provides above expectations.

In addition to MacLean Maynard winning their 3rd consecutive GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award, we are proud to announce that our Mundelein and Engineered Plastics Company facilities were also honored with the Award!  Congratulations to all!

Three straight years of GM Supplier Quality Excellence Awards presented to MacLean Maynard