Five MFCS facilities are sponsoring senior design projects at Michigan Technological University (MTU). The projects are part of the Mechanical Engineering – Engineering Mechanics Senior Capstone Design Program. MTU Capstone Design is a 2 semester long (~9 month) program that gives senior students exposure to real world experience. It is a very fast paced and challenging program. The university provides assistance and staff necessary to make certain goals are achieved. Each team consists of 4-6 students graduating in Mechanical Engineering.

The program is defined, as follows:

Phase A (First Semester)
• Create a Project Plan to be executed throughout the year
• Brainstorm and select concept for prototype
• Present feasibility testing and analysis
• Get budget approved from Customer (i.e. MFCS)
• Present to the MTU Faculty Board – need approval to go to next semester

Phase B (Second Semester)
• Build first prototype and run analysis
• Deliver prototype and final report
• Give final presentations to the Faculty Board and Customer

In order to provide continuity of direction within each Capstone Design Project, a weekly meeting is held with each respective student team and MFCS team members.

Sponsoring the Capstone projects has been important to MFCS, as these projects, once complete, offer potential ideas and applications that will allow for best practice and standardization across applicable facilities. This further supports the MFCS world-class premier fastener company philosophy and approach, while also offering exposure for recruitment, and increasing the company’s depth. The program allows for a full-time entry engineer to work for a 6-month period on the selected project idea, bringing a ‘fresh eyes’ approach in helping to improve on the project idea current state.