The Illinois Manufacturers’ Association (IMA) hosted a Step Forward event. Several women from MFCS Mundelein and MacLean-Fogg Corporate attended. A question asked was: What About Women?

Did you know…

According to IMA, women make up 47% of the existing labor force, but only 29% of the manufacturing workforce.

Because of this, IMA asked companies like ours to encourage more women to join our workforce.
At MacLean-Fogg, we take pride in being hands on, doing a good job, and being part of a community. We take pride in giving back to our country. According to Forbes, each dollar’s worth of manufactured goods gives back $1.40. This amount goes toward other business sectors within the United States.

Feedback from Female Employees…
We asked a few of our many female employees what they enjoy about their job in a manufacturing company.

Here’s the position they have in the company and what they had to say:

Senior Financial Planning Analyst, MFCS Sales, 4 Years of Service
“As a person who finds gratification in helping and inspiring others, I have been able to make huge influences in a male dominated industry through my knowledge and people skills. Being able to leave your imprint in a field where you struggle to be heard as a female is the most enjoyable feeling I receive in manufacturing.”

Sorting Operator, Mundelein, 2 Years of Service
“I like that my job allows me to be mobile, and very hands-on.”

Project Engineering Manager, Royal Oak, 1 Year of Service
“I enjoy the constant challenge of being a ‘minority’ in the industry. Being a young female engineer can create a lot of roadblocks when you are passionate about your job. However, I believe it has only made me a more confident and stronger engineer overall. I wouldn’t trade this everyday challenge for the world.”

Sorting Operator, Mundelein, 5 Years of Service
“I like the ease of the job and putting in a hard day’s work. I show up here and do the best I can. What’s nice is that after work, I can leave without taking my work home with me.”

Production Supervisor, Metform, 8 Years of Service
“I enjoy working with the team here at Metform. There are several talented and knowledgeable individuals that I have the privilege to work with. Working with this team to tackle various obstacles allows us to learn and grow together. It also provides us with the opportunity to improve our processes to better support our customers.”

OT Manager, MacLean Curtis – Buffalo, 4 Years of Service
“While the realities of manufacturing deter both men and women, I consider the complexity and demanding environment a challenge. This makes me learn and grow every day. I enjoy supporting our employees as they improve their jobs, by developing systems that improve our departments, plant, and our organization. I have a unique background and my job in OT puts me in touch with hundreds of MacLean-Fogg employees, which I enjoy very much.”

Packaging and Sorting Lead, Mundelein, 5 Years of Service
“I like what I do and who I work with. I also like that I am encouraged to always learn more.”

Sorting Operator, Mundelein, 2 Years of Service
“I like my coworkers; they’re good people, and I’ve worked together with them for years.”

These women shared different reasons why they enjoy working in a manufacturing environment.

If you know a woman who likes to:
• Make things
• Work with other team members
• Learn new processes
• Take pride in doing her best at work

Encourage her to consider starting a career in manufacturing with MacLean-Fogg.
It may lead toward a long-lasting career within the manufacturing industry. Visit our careers page to learn more.