A recently graduated engineer joined the manufacturing rotational program on July 2nd, 2014, and his first day in the office was quite different in comparison to that of other rotational engineers at MFCS. This individual was bold enough to choose Liederbach, Germany as his first location and leverage his prior one-year college education in Lübeck, Germany.

As a lean engineering department, Liederbach often purchases services like CAD, prototyping and testing from external providers. Within a month, this new graduate enabled work on prints and 3D models to be performed without external support. His manufacturing skills helped produce several prototypes and test fixtures in-house.

During his rotation, the recent graduate was able to provide a meaningful contribution in many areas.  He managed to learn German along the way, and communication was an international experience with Liederbach’s solid foundation in English. On the 27th of June, the engineer left Liederbach for his next one-year assignment at MFCS Metform in Savanna, Illinois.

Time spent in Germany was a great addition to the Liederbach facility and the engineer’s contributions will be missed.  Overall, this experience has revealed that with flexibility from all parties, a one-year assignment in a foreign country can be very productive and beneficial for everyone.

Rotational engineer received a traditional applewine pitcher from Liederbach management.