The MacLean-Fogg Manufacturing Management Program (MMP) is a two-year rotational program that allows high potential recent college graduates to make a measurable impact early in their professional careers. Rotational Engineers work side-by-side with current MacLean-Fogg engineers on projects and assignments that will create a challenging and rewarding experience. Currently, recent graduates are working at PWK, MacLean Curtis-Cornelius, Metform, Mundelein, Royal Oak, EPC and Maynard.

Initially, the program consisted of rotations within MFCS locations. Since the recent transition in MPS leadership, participants now have the option to do rotations at any MacLean-Fogg facility. Earlier this year, the MMP team visited their first MPS facility in York, SC, in addition to MacLean Curtis, an MFCS facility in Cornelius, NC.

During the MPS York site visit, the rotational group observed the daily Gemba Walk, and took a tour of the facility guided by the Director of Operations and the Engineering Manager-Transmission. The Vice President and Human Resources Supervisor joined the group for a presentation on products and processes. “I had already heard so much about that side of the business, it was great to finally see their processes and products first-hand,” said a second rotation Manufacturing Engineer who is currently splitting his time between Menomonee Falls and Whitewater.

The following day, the team visited recently-acquired MacLean Curtis-Cornelius, NC, where they learned about the new facility construction taking place in Mooresville. The General Manager of MacLean Curtis-Cornelius spoke with the group about tools being used and the importance of including employees in the process. He said, “The important thing about OT tools is that they have given us a means to get our employees involved. A several day Kaizen rounds out [an employee’s] understanding of what we want to accomplish in a certain aspect or area, and sharpens their input.”

Another unique aspect of this trip was the opportunity for each participant to report on their respective projects. “It was a great idea having us present our current projects to everyone. This gave us a chance to see what others were working on, plus gain a little insight into how the other facilities operate,” said a first rotation Manufacturing Engineer at the Royal Oak facility. This is a good way to share best practices at the various facilities, and provide an opportunity for the group to challenge each other with questions and offer suggestions.

The rotational team took this visit as an opportunity to discuss the MMP. “The rotational program is a great learning tool for both Manufacturing Engineers and the company. Different divisions get even more benefit when they fully understood the capabilities of all the rotational engineers,” said a second rotation Manufacturing Engineer at PWK in Germany. The team began a group project with the objective of rebranding the program, giving it more structure, and updating the MacLean-Fogg website to reflect these changes. Doing so will improve the experience of current and future rotational engineers, who will ultimately have more to give back to MacLean-Fogg.