During and after a storm, power restoration is the highest priority for MacLean Power Systems. In support of our customers, MPS provides dedicated customer service, inventory and shipping support for the emergency material needs of restoration.

During the summer months, especially between mid-August through October, hurricanes and tornados strike the United States. MPS utilizes a four-state alert system to prepare for and process storm orders.

The two stages, Green and Yellow, are for normal business conditions or potential storm orders. During these two stages, stocking levels are considered sufficient for storm and normal orders.

The final two stages are Orange and Red. Orange alert means a major storm is in progress, or a less severe storm has occurred with more isolated outages reported. Storm orders will have first priority on shipping and production, at the same time normal shipping and production operations will continue, provided they do not interfere with Storm orders.

MPS goes on Red Alert when a major storm occurs with widespread outages. MPS will place all standard and VMI orders on shipping HOLD. All available inventory will be on hold for Storm orders only. Shipping Storm orders will be the only priority.

Customer service, production managers and shipping coordinators at MPS facilities work together 24/7 during the Red Alert to get power restored. So, remember the next time you lose your power, the MPS team is already hard at work getting your lights turned back on.