At the 48th annual Automotive Innovation Awards Gala, the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) recognized 9 category winners and one grand award winner for the most innovative use of plastics.

MacLean-Fogg’s Engineered Plastics Company (EPC) was awarded the Powertrain Category winner as well as the Grand Award Winner for their contribution to Dayco’s Vacuum Generation System.

Dayco, the system integrator, utilized EPC for the partnering development of all ten vital plastic components that made their highly efficient brake boost system possible. Dayco’s new Vacuum Generation System was first used on the 2017 Ford F-150 platform and has since proliferated to several other vehicle platforms because of the significant advantages it offers over traditional brake boost systems.

“EPC is very excited about having contributed such important plastics engineering attributes to this DAYCO product. We have modeled, engineered, designed, prototyped and successfully launched 10 critical components to help make this revolutionary system solution a production reality” said Dave Davis, Director of Sales and Marketing for EPC.

According to Dayco, the system advantages achieved using engineered plastic technologies include: 70% cost reduction, 80% weight reduction, 20% system performance increase, improved fuel economy, and a smaller packaging footprint along with utilizing eco-friendly 100% re-processable thermoplastic DuPont resin systems.

The success of this Vacuum Generation System is leading Dayco to an entire family of close tolerance plastic component systems for future valve and actuator solutions.

“We approach every challenge by asking ‘How Might We?’. Our Team of plastics experts in part design, materials and tooling have truly accomplished what others have purported would likely not be possible. The whole EPC team is proud of this recognition but even more proud we successfully solved this challenge for our customer” said Dan Dye, General Manager of EPC.

This is this fourth year in a row that EPC has been named an Innovation Award finalist, and the first time EPC has won the category and grand prizes.

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