MacLean Senior Industries (MSI) is a MacLean Power Systems’ division that serves the communications and electronics industries.  MSI recently started their Lean Journey, and over the first few months, big steps were taken toward Operational Transformation. The first step was to focus on Shop Floor 5S. Like many continuous improvement projects, the team created an agenda and a plan for the week’s activities.

The targeted area during the 5S Event was the Assembly, Pull/Pack and Tensile Testing Area. With the first “S” being Sort, the team stepped right in and worked very hard to disposition items. A Red Tag Area was created, which documented where items came from and when they were placed in the area.

Once unneeded items were removed from the area, the team began the second “S” – Set in Order. The team sought input from the shop floor as they placed the remaining items in the proper locations. (SAFETY) With the increased floor space, an opportunity to relocate Packers from working in the forklift aisles presented itself. Fortunately, the 5S Team moved quickly to remove this hazard. Also, Self-Adjusting Lift Tables were investigated to reduce the bending of Packers during the loading of skids.

The team is continuing through the Shine, Standardize and Sustain “S’s” and plans to have new standards, a shine schedule, and a process confirmation schedule. This is the first of many improvements for the MSI Team.