MPS York’s first 550KV hollow core insulator was successfully manufactured in the fall of 2014. This 1300 pound, 17-foot long insulator was the result of a three year product development and manufacturing technology journey. Consisting of multiple phases, the project required a coordinated cross-functional team effort resulting in the design and manufacture of a wide range of hollow core insulator products.  Currently, MacLean York can make from 72kV to 550kV products for circuit breakers and instrument transformers.

Hollow core insulators are used to separate phase to ground where a hollow interior is required to house conductors, conductor connections, electrical contacts or components such as capacitors or inductors. Hollow core insulators are manufactured using silicone and fiberglass composite materials or made from porcelain. Composite silicone is a preferred material by many manufacturers, primarily due to the lighter weight and superior durability during shipping and installation, when compared to porcelain.

An MPS North American hollow core insulator manufacturing center provides many customers with lower logistics costs, shorter lead times and easy access to engineering and support personnel.

The journey to 550kV production began in 2010 with the start-up of the hollow core insulator cell in the MPS York manufacturing facility. By early 2012, the hollow core insulator customer list had grown. The management team elected to increase product range and capacity in phases, thus increasing manufacturing capability to the full 550kV circuit breaker bushing range. 2013 began with Phase 3, which was intended to culminate in full 550kV CB bushing processing capability. This expansion required a coordinated effort between engineering and operations.  In early 2014, the first 345kV units were shipped.

With lessons learned from the 345kV insulator start-up, the same process was followed at the beginning of 550kV insulator manufacturing.  The North American hollow core team is looking forward to continued success with new capacity expansion on the horizon!

Hollow Core Insulator Cell after Phase 2

550kV Insulators

550kV Flanging


Hollow Core Insulator Cell after Phase 3