The most recent Lean Professional class held in York, SC included company representatives from Trenton, York, Fort Mill, MacLean Curtis, and Germany. This was the 4th group of MacLean Power Systems’ employees to attend the Lean Professional Class.

The Lean Professional class takes concepts learned in Lean Basic, provides a deeper understanding of what Lean is and provides a platform to utilize the tools first hand. Using Lean concepts and tools helped the group work together as a team, and produce a current state Value Stream Map (VSM), which included customer/supplier information, process flow, and inventory levels for suspension insulators.

Understanding the current state by reviewing this information helped attendees identify waste, as well as opportunities, for improvement throughout the entire process. The York, SC facility was provided with valuable information that can be used to improve the overall manufacturing process of this line.

The class overwhelmingly felt that their instructors’ knowledge and expertise brought their learning to a whole new level. They were all very excited to be a part of the Lean Professional class and were looking forward to week two!