The Trenton Gazette asked the community for nominations through the paper and on their online site for best of the best in each industry category. The industry with the most nominations won. MPS Trenton was excited to learn of their nomination! THIS is one of the goals we have been working toward—changing the face of who we are in our community! And it seems we have done that! We have plans set in motion to do even more!

The Human Resources manager commented, “It feels like we won an Oscar! MacLean Power Systems – Trenton, TN commits to residents of Trenton and Gibson County. MPS strives to offer a high-quality facility and business where residents can build a career. Residents who work here can be a success for themselves and their families. Without our employees and our community we live and work in, MPS would not be what it is today! TOGETHER we can continue to build a bright, strong future! Thank you to all who voted for our facility! It means a great deal to know we are making a difference in the lives of the people in Trenton and Gibson County! This is the good stuff!”