A large percentage of parts produced by the Distribution Hardware (DH) value stream pass through the Molding Cell as a final production step. Parts are placed into a machine which adds a threaded nylon cap and are then packaged for distribution. The Trenton OT Team began their work in this cell.

After completing Total Productive Maintenance in the cell, the team completed a 2-day 5S blitz in conjunction with the machine operators, cell leads, supervisors, and value stream manager from two shifts. Each morning, for four hours, both shifts were fully involved in the process.

Before the Blitz
To prepare for the 5S blitz, the OT Team utilized kaizen foam, cleaning supplies, and floor markers. They prepared everyone involved by holding 5S training. The OT Manager used materials from Lean Basic, and Lean Leadership to develop a 5S focused training manual, which was presented to all 5S blitz participants. Training provided an opportunity for team members to get to know each other.

Day 1  — The team completed a safety walk through the cell. Every participant completed their safety observations. This was a reminder that everyone should always be looking for potential safety hazards before doing anything. Next, the team cleared out everything and sorted it based on usage.

Operators determined what needed to be red tagged, what needed to be in the cell, and what was used daily. When it came time to make everything shine, everyone began cleaning the floor and machines. Supervisors worked alongside operators to make their workspace better.

Day 2  — The team completed a second safety walk before splitting up into smaller groups for the remainder of the blitz. At the end of the day, the team made sure the cell was ready for production and created a list of items to continue working on.

After the Blitz
Since the 5S blitz, the OT team generated a final prototype for workstations, and has worked with operators to develop new work standards for everyone in the molding cell. Standard work implementation and the 5S blitz have led to greater morale, and an increase in Operational availability.

The OT team will continue to finalize new workstations, work to create standards for maintaining what was completed during the 5S blitz, and design t-shirts for all involved to celebrate the event’s success.

Workstation Prototype

The Completed Cell

Back of 5S T-Shirt