On July 5, 2018, MPS Trenton employees gathered on each shift to celebrate two big milestones: reaching a 2,000 point goal for OT participation and surpassing 1,000 days with no lost-time injury.

OT Participation Goal

Over the 18 months leading up to July 5, 2018, MPS employees were encouraged to join the plant’s continuous improvement efforts by taking part in the company’s OT Participation Program. This program consisted of employees participating in Just-Do-It’s, PDCA projects, Kaizen events, and submitting improvement suggestions and safety and quality observations. Each submission had a point value attached to it. The goal for the plant was 2,000 points with the reward being a company-wide BBQ lunch.

In addition to points accumulating for the plant, points also accumulated for individual participants. Each time an employee submitted a completed project or suggestion form, their individual points were tracked on a spreadsheet. They were able to redeem points for MPS merchandise such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, ball caps, coolers, etc. Several employees were recognized with their MPS merchandise during company lunches. More are still accumulating points to redeem at a later time, as the OT Participation Program continues.

Surpassing 1,000 Days with No Lost-Time Injury

The second milestone celebrated was surpassing 1,000 days with no lost-time injury. 1,000 days is equivalent to over two and a half years and entails over 2.1 million man hours worked in a metal fabrication facility that specializes in hot processes, cutting and forming processes, and high levels of manual material handling. In an effort to achieve Mission Zero, MPS Trenton is very proud and excited to achieve this milestone!

In recognition of surpassing 1,000 days with no lost-time injury, all MPS Trenton employees were given a t-shirt as a way to say thank you and to encourage continued focus on safety throughout the workplace. Employees who come in every day committed to their safety and to the safety of their coworkers are saluted. These types of accomplishments are possible with employee buy-in.