April 2 — National PB&J Day
Just for fun! April 2 is National PB&J Day, and there were enough peanut butter and grape and strawberry jelly sandwiches to go around! Eight trays mounded high were available throughout the day for employees to enjoy at lunch-times and breaks!

April 10 — Fish Fry
As a reward for hard work, company volunteers organized another successful company lunch! Catfish fillets, fries, and hushpuppies were cooked on-site, with homemade banana pudding for dessert. A big thanks to our resident fish fryers and grill masters for the time put into making these fantastic meals. We appreciate the work everyone did to keep Trenton happy and full. All three shifts enjoyed a hot meal and an extended lunch break to eat, visit and get to know each other better. MPS Trenton feels this type of time spent together helps to create the environment needed to support a growing work family.

April 22 — Earth Day is Every Day at MPS Trenton
In recognition of MPS Trenton’s commitment to protecting the environment, 501K Recycling, LLC provided lunch, catered by D D’s Diner in Hornbeak, Tennessee, for all three shifts on Earth Day. A recycling center was set up on campus and employees participating in the recycling drive were eligible for a gift card drawing for each shift.

The lunch was a wonderful success with hamburgers and hotdogs and homemade dessert choices. We look forward to working with 501K Recycling next year when we hope to make this a week-long recycling event and plan for community involvement!

Every Tuesday in April — Teal Tuesday
April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM, #IAsk) and April 2nd is the National Day of Action. MPS Trenton made it a month-long event! Team members were asked to join management and leadership teams in wearing teal clothing, ribbons, or accessories to show support for survivors of sexual assault/abuse. They were asked to encourage dialogue about respect, consent, boundaries, and influence.

There were handouts available on the Human Resources table in the break room to help team members discuss these subjects with their teens, an ideal time to begin open and honest communication as they enter into their first relationships. MPS Trenton recognizes that children receive information regarding relationships from TV, movies, social media, and friends. Discussing consent/rejection in these formative years helps to build a foundation for practicing consent in all relationships as teens get older.

We are proud to stand with survivors, offer them on-site support through our clinic, make available the EAP hotline, and maintain a strict company policy against abuse and harassment.