Guy Strain Insulators (GSI), critical components to the power grid, are attached to guy wires that support power poles. They are made by using a special press to ‘crimp’ ductile iron castings to fiberglass rods. The fiberglass rod isolates the guy wire and provides electrical clearance to allow power company crews to work on the lines and provide safety for the public.

Thousands of guy strain insulators are manufactured each week at MPS Alabaster in two manufacturing cells, commonly referred to as Medium Crimp and Big Crimp. In keeping with their efforts to work safely while maximizing their output of quality guy strain insulators, the Big Crimp team decided they should look good doing it. A team member designed and printed shirts for the entire team! Thanks to the  effort, toughness, commitment, discipline and pride of the team running the Big Crimp cell at Alabaster, Alabama, power poles stand straight and tall all around the world.