MacLean Power Systems is pleased to announce that one of their Fort Mill customer service representatives is now an Operational Transformation Champion. OT representatives drive improvement throughout the MacLean-Fogg company.

This customer service representative started with MPS at the onset of the Fort Mill Customer Services Group. Throughout her experience, she has identified numerous improvement opportunities. Wanting to be an impact player, she became excited when she learned that the OT Champion is a change agent, 100% dedicated to the Lean Enterprise Transformation.

OT Champions come from many walks of life including, but not limited to, engineering, production, IT, materials and now, customer service. The ideal OT Champion is an existing MacLean-Fogg employee who has demonstrated a passion for enterprise change. Anyone who knows her understands that she expresses great passion as a change agent.

OT Champion responsibilities include:
• Leading activities associated with workplace effectiveness using Lean techniques
• Developing and leading training of associates and professionals in Lean methodologies
• Identifying and eliminating waste opportunities throughout the organization
• Monitoring/insuring sustainment of results achieved through various Lean events
• Providing management updates on progress of Lean implementation and kaizen activities

In time, she will also become the Lean Basic facilitator for the Fort Mill office, which helps the location meet requirements associated with completing the Lean Basic program. This is an important role because all team members must complete Lean Basic training. The new OT Champion has already set her sights on becoming a Lean Advisor. The Fort Mill Lean Advisor helps introduce Lean to the location and provides coaching, in areas of Lean, to the OT Champion and the Fort Mill management team.

The new OT Champion demonstrates, by example, how MPS employees can capitalize on opportunities by taking the initiative to creating their own unique career path.