Pallet Security Tape and Packing List Envelope Seals

Pallet Security Tape has been added to pallets to deter tampering/make them easily identifiable.
In early 2014, MPS made an investment in pallet security tape to improve the way orders shipped via LTL (less than truckload) carriers to customers. After reviewing data and feedback related to shipping issues, it was apparent that many of their issues revolved around shipments being dismantled while in the possession of carriers and not being reassembled with all cartons present and intact. Based on past experiences, working with packaging specialists, and visiting/interviewing multiple LTL carriers in several market areas, the best solution option was to invest in customized MPS Logo Pallet Security Tape (sample section shown below). This tape will be used on pallets comprised of boxed goods (will not apply to exposed anchors, cross arms, or items packaged in wooden crates) from the MPS distribution center (MDC) and MPS plants. The purpose of the pallet security tape is to deter LTL carriers from selecting an MPS pallet of freight to break down, if there is a space constraint on the carrier’s trailer. Since the LTL carriers know they cannot reproduce the custom logo security tape, they will be more likely to move to another shipper’s goods that are secured with easily attainable clear stretch film only.

Red MP logo seals will be used to secure the packing list envelope onto pallets.

Packing list envelope seals with the MP logo (sample below) are being used to provide additional protection and adhesion. This additional measure is to ensure the packing list arrives with the shipment and that the contents of the envelope don’t come out in-transit.

Dunnage Air Bags

As the MDC has been able to drive more customer order consolidation, the mode of transportation has been shifting more from smaller LTL shipments toward larger FTL (full truckload) and IM (intermodal – rail). With that shift, MPS realized a need to continue to improve the containment and integrity of the loads. The use of dunnage air bags is one measure that MPS is taking to secure product during shipment, whether by truck, rail, or ocean container. The pictures below help demonstrate how air bags are inflated and used in different loading scenarios. Air bags are an economical and reliable way to secure shipments by reducing load movement that occurs during transport.

Air Bags in Use

Pallet security tape, packing list envelope seals and dunnage air bags are “tools in our shipping toolbox” for helping to take MPS closer to the desired result — Damage Free Loads for Our Customers!