Distribution Hardware is expanding its product offering to include IEC compliant Hex Head Machine Bolts. Hex Head Machine Bolts will be in metric dimensions, as opposed to imperial dimensions traditionally supplied by MPS to its legacy North American market. This new addition to the product basket represents a step forward in the evolution of MacLean Power Systems as we turn toward foreign markets to seek growth potential. MPS is introducing metric bolts in the following diameter ranges: M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24, M27, M30, M33, M36.

Complying with foreign countries’ specified standards positions MPS to grow outside of North America. Hex Head Machine Bolts are a very fundamental distribution hardware product line. It made sense to begin the product offering expansion with the machine bolt line. The Hex Head Machine Bolts will be sourced from one of MPS’ long-time suppliers that has been supplying imperial dimensioned machine bolts for many years. MPS is excited to introduce this new range of products as a catalyst for growth. Many foreign tenders require IEC compliant hardware; by not meeting the IEC specifications, MPS has been kept in the cold on many projects out for bid. Moving in the direction of having a metric version of hardware will open new sales opportunities.