The entirety of the MacLean Power Systems team worked tirelessly to support customers in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.  Below is an account of those weeks in Fall 2012 by MPS Customer Service Representative Michelle Mendez.

Working in “Storm Mode” as we say here in the Ft. Mill (South Carolina) Customer Service Group, definitely takes its toll and is tiring to say the least.  The customer service group, plants and the distribution center put in well over the traditional 40 hour work week that for most of the year we are accustomed to.  Some worked 13 days in a row or more, 60 hours per week for the entire duration of the storm.  This in and of itself can lead to frustration, but I believe that everyone was able to get through this by keeping a positive attitude and knowing that we were doing our part in helping utilities restore power.

After Sandy hit and some power was restored, the Northeast had to brace for a Nor’easter.  Two major storms within a week’s time definitely kept the customer service group on high alert and the plants in overdrive to produce an already diminished inventory.  When MPS is in “storm mode”, we are no longer just a customer service group; I am not a customer service representative, we all turn into humanitarians.  I couldn’t physically get to the Northeast and help in the manner that I would have liked to, but knowing that every time material was shipped out the door or when material was produced overnight and on its way up to the utilities, MPS as a whole was doing everything it could to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

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