On May 21st, 8 employees plus family members contributed their time for a great cause; the improvement of the Chateauguay river banks.

Every year, for the past 8 years, we have collected garbage ranging from tires, shopping carts, plastic everything, diapers and the list goes on.

Our goal is to act as a responsible corporate citizen by helping in various ways. We may not be known because of our products in the community, but we want to make a difference. We want to be recognizable upon posting a job offer in the community in order to attract the best behavioral code of conduct candidates.

Our production supervisor volunteers for the Association of the Friends of the Chateauguay River, a beautiful waterway flowing through our community that has been polluted through years of abuse.

Over the years, we have not only collected garbage, we have built dockage for a public area. This year, we contributed by planting river protecting shrubs.

The extra perk is from involving family members. We’re demonstrating the best behavioral code of conduct to future generations.