MacLean Power Systems has added new state-of-the-art injection molding equipment to improve efficiency and capacity of the MPS molded 2.5” line post product line. Injection molded insulators have been and will remain the MPS standard product offering for voltage applications 46kV – 230kV.

Standard lengths are molded in volume and stocked to provide competitive market pricing and lead times. Molded line posts will be the MPS “Standard Catalog” product offering, and the modular (extruded) line posts will be for special customer length and leakage applications and backup for standard applications. MPS maintains Dual Manufacturing Processes to provide flexibility to best meet the needs of the transmission marketplace.

The 2.5” line posts molded on the new molding equipment will continue to have the same features and benefits customers have become accustomed to, along with several improvements.

Current MPS Features:
• MPS Silicone Rubber Formulation
• Multi-Layer PST Sealing System
• APEX Load Curve System
• Leader in Mechanical Performance
• World Class Customer Support
• Manufacturing & Quality Assurance
• MPS Commitment to Polymer Technology

New Features:
• Improved Performance
– S/P Ration = 1.0
– Improved surface finish
– Less parting line / trim imperfections
• Smart Catalog Number
– Consistent for Molded & Modular
– Customer Friendly / Easy to Use
• Unified Load Curve for Both Molded (MX) and Modular (VX) Line Posts

New Molded 2.5″ Line Post