MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions (MFCS) Rochester Hills 5S Project

The sales office is going lean. Although the ultimate goal is to standardize sales processes, it is extremely important that the entire group truly understands the concept of lean. The strategy is to roll out lean in two phases:

1)     “physical” 5S – to create standards/procedures across the office, and

2)     “digital” 5S – to create standards/procedures for sales processes and document storage.

Similar to what happens at each plant, a project plan was created. In order to keep track of progress, the team divided it into three different areas. Common Area 1 (CA1), Offices (OFC) and Common Area 2 (CA2). However, 5S methodology will only be successful if there is participation from everyone, so each member of the team is responsible to lead at least one task.

Despite time constraints, the team has been doing a great job. Since kick off on April 7, 2014, Rochester Hills has successfully accomplished area CA1. To date, 10 building areas out of 25 have been completed.

Phase 1 will be completed by the first week of August 2014.

The benefits of 5S are very noticeable. The office is much cleaner and organized, everything is in its place and labeled, reducing the time needed to look for supplies. In addition, each area has its own process confirmation.

There is nothing better than an organized and clean workspace.