Duncan MacLean, President and CEO of MacLean-Fogg announced the joint venture formation of Aluform USA between Richard Bergner Verbindungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG (RIBE®) of Schwabach, Germany and MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions (MFCS) of Mundelein, Illinois USA. The RIBE-Aluform® product is the market leader in the automotive industry for high strength aluminum bolt, screw and stud fasteners for lightweight, corrosion-sensitive automotive applications. Aluform USA combines RIBE® and MFCS strengths to bring the Aluform product line to the North American marketplace, with application engineering, customer support and manufacturing in the USA.

Duncan MacLean said, “RIBE® is a terrific, innovative fastener company. The RIBE-Aluform® product line sets the global standard for high-strength automotive aluminum fasteners. Vehicle lightweighting will continue to be a major industry trend as OEMs work to improve fuel economy and battery range. We’re excited to further help our North American customers in their lightweight efforts by including Aluform high-strength aluminum bolts in our range of leading fastener solutions.”

Frank Bergner, Managing Partner of RIBE® said, “MacLean-Fogg has been well-known for 94 years as a leader in innovative fasteners and high-quality manufacturing. MacLean-Fogg’s excellent manufacturing capabilities, application engineering and high customer service makes them an ideal partner to support and grow Aluform in North America.”

Aluform USA LLC will be headquartered within the existing MacLean Maynard division of MFCS located at 50855 E. Russell Schmidt Blvd., Chesterfield, MI 48051. For inquiries, call 586-949-0471 or mfcs@macleanfogg.com.

About Richard Bergner Verbindungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG (RIBE®)

RIBE® Verbindungstechnik (www.ribe.de/en/verbindungstechnik) offers lightweight construction, new materials and material combination solutions with secure, comprehensive systems integrated into the fastening element itself or as an automated fastening system. RIBE® interlinks product development and engineering, which guarantees rational, sustainable production for the entire product portfolio. RIBE® high-strength aluminum screws, RIBE–Aluform®, RIFIXX® functional modules, maximum strength steel screws, complete sheet metal joining systems, including RIFAST®, and an extensive selection of special cold-formed parts have been tried and tested in the field a million times over. These developments have helped establish RIBE® as a technology leader in the global market.

About Richard Bergner Holding GmbH & Co. KG RIBE®-Group

The RIBE®-Group (www.ribe.de), headquartered in the Franconian town of Schwabach, is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of innovative mechanical fastening elements (Richard Bergner Verbindungstechnik), technical springs and electrical fittings. The RIBE®-Group employs a workforce of more than 1,400 in Germany, the United States, Eastern Europe and Asia, and generated a sales volume of 209 million Euros in 2018. The business unit RIBE® Verbindungstechnik is a full-line supplier of fasteners covering the range of special screws and bolts, cold formed parts, modules and the associated in-die staking systems for automotive OEMs, automotive suppliers and industrial customers, as well as manufacturers of medical devices.

About MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions

MacLean Component Solutions (MFCS), headquartered in Mundelein, IL www.macleanfoggcs.com, one of two primary businesses of MacLean-Fogg, is a leading manufacturer of fastener components, engineered components and engineered plastics for automotive, heavy truck and other diverse industries. Core MFCS products include locknuts, decorative automotive wheel fasteners, high temperature fasteners, Hatebur process hot forgings, cold formed products, machined products, functional engineered plastic and suspension products. MFCS is comprised of multiple production locations in the USA and Germany and customer support locations worldwide.

About MacLean-Fogg

MacLean-Fogg is a worldwide enterprise with 26 global manufacturing facilities with annual sales over one billion (USD) and a workforce of 3,500. MacLean-Fogg operates through two primary businesses, MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions (MFCS) and MacLean Power Systems (MPS). MFCS www.macleanfoggcs.com provides engineered metal and plastic components to the automotive, and heavy markets and other industrial markets. MPS www.macleanpower.com provides products for electric utility, communication and civil infrastructure markets.

For more information, visit macleanfogg.com or mediarelations@macleanfogg.com. For career opportunities, visit macleanfogg.com/careers.