Metform is the Hot Forging division of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions.  Expertise consists of horizontal hot forging, machining and light assembly of components primarily for transportation industries.  Metform consists of three locations located in Savanna, IL (two) and Mt. Carroll, IL (one).

As Metform continues to build world class turning technologies to support 8 and 9 speed transmission programs, accurate and timely heat treatment of forged gear blanks is critical to on-time delivery of consistent product.  Metform has a history of gear blank normalizing with the installation in 2007 of a normalizing furnace specifically designed to produce normalized 5120m material 6 speed gear blanks for front wheel drive applications.

The new 8 and 9 speed programs present different challenges with the customer-specific grade of material, and two different heat treating processes.  The programs require an ISO THERMAL anneal, which requires two furnaces.  One unique feature of this new furnace line is the implementation of an Exothermic (DX) gas generator.  This DX generator will have capability to provide up to 10,000 CFH of protective atmosphere to minimize the formation of surface scale and decarburization on the parts going through the heat treat process.  The DX atmosphere gas is produced by burning an air and natural gas mixture in a refractory lined combustion chamber, then cooling the products of combustion in a refrigeration dehydration unit.  This gas is then pumped into the furnace preventing oxidation and scale as the parts are run through the furnace.  Utilization of this DX generator provides clean, scale free parts for the subsequent shot blast and CNC turning operations.

The furnace and supporting components were delivered fourth quarter 2013 and installation and hookups were completed over the holidays.  Forging trials and PPAP preparation began first quarter 2014 with PPAP approval second quarter 2014.

DX Gas Generator

New Furnace