Beginning in 2015, the MFCS Safety Steering Team changed its name to the Environmental, Health, & Safety (EHS) Steering Team. This name change provides a better description of what the team focus will be as MFCS moves into 2015 and beyond. The team also established objectives for 2015, and looks forward to a successful and exciting year!

Safety Wins in 2014

• Safety Director Hired
• Safety Steering Team Chartered
• Injury and Illness Tracking
• Recordkeeping and Incident Investigation
• Safety Incident Communication
• Safety Observation Pilot
• Safety Basics Training Pilot

Environmental, Health, & Safety Objectives for 2015

• EHS Steering Team Charter
• Integration of EHS into ONE System
• Environmental Incident Tracking and Communication
• Safety Observation Implementation
• Safety Basics Implementation
• EHS Systems Implementation

o Incident Investigation
o Contractor Safety
o Lock-Out, Tag-Out
o Electrical
o Hearing Conservation
o Forklift Safety

EHS Communication Updates
To help communicate the name change, the yellow “Safety Hex” logo has been updated as follows:

MFCS also updated their Commitment to Excellence Statement for EHS as follows:

Safety and environmental consciousness is a prime objective:
We are citizens of the earth and have a responsibility to put forward our best efforts
to preserve and protect our personal and collective quality of life.