Letter received by Sales Manager — Civil Distribution, MacLean Civil Products


About fifteen years ago, I installed three Manta Ray anchors in my driveway to give me a system to keep my boat in place in case of a storm surge. The plan was to strap the boat to its trailer and attach the trailer to the anchors with chains that had enough slack to let the boat and trailer float up and settle back in place.

Until this year, we had a couple of tropical storms and a minimal Cat 2 hurricane with minor surges that did not test the system. This year (2017), the eye of hurricane IRMA came ashore over our heads as a healthy Cat 4.

In anticipation, I increased the length of the chains to twelve feet rather than six, but otherwise used the system as above.

So, what happened? When we finally got home, we could see that the boat and trailer had floated up and floated downwind to the limit of the chains where it settled back down in the driveway. The three anchors had held the boat, a 22 Hydrasport CC with a fiberglass top, and its trailer, in place in a 140-mph wind. Without the anchors, the boat would have ended up damaged downwind in some neighbor’s yard like so many others.

Great product!

Boat Owner

Cudjoe Key, FL