MacLean Senior Industries (MSI) celebrated their 1 Year Anniversary in December 2013.  MSI was created in December 2012 when MacLean Power Systems (MPS) merged their communications market business with Senior Industries.  MSI operates out of Wood Dale, Illinois and services the Communications Market (Telephone, Cable TV, Satellite TV) for the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean.

During their first year, there was a significant amount of work integrating operations and rebranding under the new company.

Key Highlights:

  • 100% order processing through MSI(achieved 4 months after merger)
  • Completed warehouse overhaul to improve rack layout and shipping efficiency
  • Created a new catalog, requiring studio quality photos of over 350 catalog items
  • Successfully integrated the Manta Ray and Formed Wire product lines
  • Created website, and developed an e-catalog

Congratulations to the MSI team for the speed and success of the integration and a successful first year.

MSI Team

MSI Trade Show Booth