On December 21, MacLean Power Thailand (MPT) held its annual Safety Day. The goal was to engage and educate employees on the importance of safety at work.

Activities included a variety of games and contests. The event was an opportunity to celebrate a successful year and build community. In 2018, the business and number of employees increased.

The event included three games: safety bingo, a safety word guessing game, and safety darts. MPT’s safety committee revealed the winner of MPT’s safety slogan contest.

Winning Slogans:
A member of the formed wire area won the contest. His slogan was, “Follow the process, always wear PPE, and accidents must be zero!” This will be MPT’s official safety slogan for 2019.

First runner up slogan was, “Before starting work, check equipment, follow the rules, and MacLean’s people will be safe.”

Second runner up slogan was, “Good quality, satisfied customer, safe work, these are our intentions.”

Note: Slogans are approximate translations from Thai.