MacLean Power Systems is now launching copper ground rods as an addition to their grounding product line that has a proven history in the industry. Customers include power utilities, co-ops and distributors who require copper ground rods to be driven into the ground to provide a physical connection to the earth as a safe path to dissipate excess current. These products are high-quality, simple in design and manufactured to meet strict requirements of UL and cUL specifications. The MPS complete range of grounding rod sizes and accessories provides an economical, reliable solution for almost all common grounding applications.

MPS Grounding Products are manufactured using a high strength steel rod that is covered in a 99.9% pure electrolytic copper coating meeting the ASTM A153-78 specification. Tensile strength on the 1/2” diameter rod is 80,000 lbs., while the 5/8” and 3/4” sizes are rated to 90,000 lbs. The 10mil copper plating thickness allows MPS copper grounding products to be listed to UL 467. The 13mil copper plated rods are in accordance with RUS requirements. Galvanized steel versions of common ground rod sizes are also available. Available accessories include bronze compression couplers, threaded couplers, drive heads, and a complete selection of grounding clamps.

Product distributors are able to leverage MPS engineering, the MPS customer service team and complementary product bundling to provide a high overall value to their customers. Customers wanting to reduce their overall freight, handling, and procurement costs see an advantage. One order placed with MPS can cover nearly all of their procurement needs and provide a valuable freight savings.

MacLean Power Systems Copper Ground Rods