In early 2017, MacLean-Fogg Company released an updated Environmental Health and Safety policy around the theme “Mission Zero”. Below is the release of the new policy.

MacLean-Fogg Commits to Mission Zero – Company Wide EHS Policy 

Mission Zero is underway! To support Mission Zero, MacLean-Fogg has formally stated its intentions and principles for the creation, implementation, and continuous improvement of Environmental, Health & Safety Management Systems through its EHS Policy (see below). This policy establishes the framework upon which Mission Zero objectives and targets will be set and confirms that the company’s existing and future EHS Management Systems will be compliant with ISO-based guidelines.

The EHS Policy applies to all MacLean-Fogg operations, visitors, contractors, and personnel (full time, part time, and temporary employees) within all facilities.

As MacLean-Fogg proceeds with implementation of Mission Zero, each facility will see signage, printed reminders, recognition programs implemented and will attend employee meetings.

MacLean-Fogg is proud of its commitment to Environmental, Health & Safety and looks forward to each facility’s continued Teamwork toward Mission Zero!

At MacLean-Fogg, Environmental, Health & Safety is driven by a balanced focus on 3 key areas: Behaviors & Culture, Training & Education, and Systems & Compliance.

  • Behaviors & Culture emphasis will safeguard our commitment to EHS excellence by establishing open and honest discussion about EHS at all levels of our organization.

– Focus on the voice of our employees through culture survey

– EHS Observation and Recognition to reinforce positive behaviors

– Near-miss reporting at all levels of the organization

– Communication of incident investigations and corrective actions

– Proactive and structured problem solving (PDCA)

  • Training & Education efforts ensure our employees are well informed and empowered to do their jobs safely and with environmental consciousness.

– Training Plans include EHS and are focused on manufacturing risk

– Continued Education is expected and celebrated

– Pre-shift meetings include EHS awareness

– Operational Controls are visual and include EHS compliance

  • Systems & Compliance focus will ensure compliance with all applicable Local, State, and Federal regulations and push us to strive for continuous improvement.

– Compliance with all applicable Local, OSHA, & EPA standards

– Implementation of an EHS Management System (ie: ISO 14001, ISO 45001)

– Implementation of EHS best practices focused on prevention

There is no goal more important than ensuring the safety of our team members, customers, and visitors, and preserving the environment for future generations. MacLean-Fogg has chosen to define this goal as Mission Zero.

Simply stated, Environmental, Health & Safety excellence is mission zero: zero injuries, zero illnesses, zero environmental incidents are achievable.

This approach will lead us to achieve a world class Environmental, Health & Safety Management System that is an integral part of our overall MacLean-Fogg Business Systems.