MacLean-Fogg believes that an engaged staff of employees leads to talent retention, lower turnover rates, higher satisfaction, and improved organizational performance.

We asked a few of our many employees about what employee engagement means to them.

Feedback from Employees…

Tapping Operator, MFCS Metform, 14 Years 10 Months of Service
“Employee engagement is about communication. Communication here is good, and if I have questions, I receive feedback. I have worked here for 15 years and have enjoyed my time. I like the way we are heading.”

Mectron Set-Up Operator, MacLean Chesterfield, 4.5 Years of Service
“Employee engagement involves communication. Personally, I feel engaged when there is great communication from the leadership team.  I also enjoy working for a leader who makes me feel valued.”

Team Leader, MPS York, 12 Years of Service
“One important element of employee engagement consists of treating people the way I would want to be treated. This means being fair and making sure we have 100% on quality via communication and helping one another.

Distribution Coordinator II, MFCS Mundelein, 2 Years of Service
“Employee engagement is what brings me to work. What drives this is when an employer regularly communicates with employees and gives employees opportunities for career advancement. Training is key to this. Personally, I’m looking for a career, not a job, so I want a company that encourages my professional growth.”

Director of Organizational Development, MF Corporate Shared Services, 3 Years of Service
“Employee engagement is when we feel an inner power and strength that inspires and influences our most creative ideas and our greatest work within our job.”

Assembler, MPS Sweetwater, 1 Year of Service
“Employee engagement is knowing what is happening in the company around me and feeling included in that process. Furthermore, I find it very helpful to know that the company wants me to express what can be changed or be done better at Sweetwater during our employee roundtable meetings.”

Technician in Weld, MPS Trenton, 4 Years of Service
“Employee engagement is more than a team member being allowed to participate in an improvement in the facility or in their area. Employee engagement means that ALL team members are always encouraged, provided resources and are actively seeking the next opportunity to enhance our company from processes to culture. Employee engagement at MPS-Trenton is another example of how we set ourselves ahead of other companies. Involving the entire facility broadens our abilities to think creatively and proactively. This leads to quicker and more impactful results with continuous improvement always in our thoughts.”

Strategic Account Specialist, MPS Fort Mill, 6 Years of Service
“Employee engagement is a love for my job. Loving my job drives me to be a better employee—I am absorbed, enthusiastic in my work and enjoy what I do. I have an emotional commitment to MPS. I enjoy coming to work every day to make the best positive difference. Six years with MPS and perfect attendance says it all.”

Team Leader, MPS York, 5 Years of Service
“Employee engagement means making employees feel comfortable enough to come to you (leader, supervisor, manager, etc.) with any issues they are having and making sure you communicate to them with important notifications in a timely manner. It’s about having respect for each other.”

Extrusion Operator, MPS York, 2 Years of Service
“Employee engagement consists of teamwork, communication, knowing the job and teaching others, and making sure we keep safety and quality in mind.”

Warehouse Associate, MPS – MacLean Senior Network Solutions, 2 Years of Service
“The ability to come to work and complete tasks that are assigned to me is how I define employee engagement. I like being able to come in and have the trust and confidence of my fellow team members. I can come in, start my shift and conduct my responsibilities without having to be overseen or micromanaged by others. For example, I felt I had a voice when I was asked to be a part of PDCAs, 5S projects, JDI’s, and now, I have been asked to take the lead on some new projects. I have developed confidence in myself knowing that team members value and respect my opinion. I encourage other team members to have confidence in themselves and let their voices be heard.”

Cycle Counter, MPS Trenton, 3 Years of Service
“Employee engagement means creating a more inclusive environment for employees to give and receive feedback from those who are in leadership roles. It’s the ability to voice ideas or opinions about a process or situation and have those comments be heard and acted upon, whether through implementations of good ideas or through discussion of how those ideas that did not get implemented could be improved upon. It means not being called on my faults as an employee, but being told what I can do, and what the organization can do, to better improve on these faults. Being engaged by management on things such as safety concerns, processes and expectations, versus achievable goals, is a great way to improve morale and get employees more engaged in their work. No one really wants to work, but in our society, it is a requirement to sustain a comfortable living condition. Going to work does not have to be a burden, if I feel that what I do while at work makes a positive difference in my personal life, the lives of the community around me and the organization that I work for. It boils down for me to one main question. Did what I do today impact tomorrow in a positive light? If I feel that this was achieved, then I personally can go home at night and feel a sense of accomplishment and have a positive outlook on my job.”

As you can see from this feedback, the term employee engagement at MacLean-Fogg relates to the level of an employee’s commitment and connection to the company. Moving forward, MacLean-Fogg continues to strive for employee engagement to be ingrained in our business and within each individual employee.

Employee engagement is a critical driver of success at MacLean-Fogg.