MacLean-Fogg Company announces the Grand Opening on November 3, 2016 of the MacLean Curtis Mooresville, North Carolina plant, exactly two years to the day from when MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions, a division of MacLean-Fogg, closed on the purchase of the Automotive Division of Curtis Screw Company LLC. For 35 years, the 55,000 square foot Curtis Cornelius, North Carolina plant had serviced the automotive marketplace with transmission, power steering, anti-lock brake and other components.

With growing customer demand, MacLean Curtis built the 96,000 square foot Mooresville plant, 10 miles from its original location. This lays the foundation for future growth by supporting current customer needs and attracting and servicing new customers with an expanded portfolio of quality products with more variations and increased capacity. The opening of a larger and more robust plant at the Mooresville, North Carolina location just two years after its acquisition is evidence of the progressive business leadership of MacLean-Fogg.

Paul Hojnacki, president, MacLean Curtis, commented, “By 2020, we’ll see more than a 50% revenue increase within the four existing walls of our new Mooresville plant.  Long term, we have the potential to increase revenue 100% before any need for plant expansion is required. Further out, once at full capacity, our plant, built on 28 acres of land we purchased, will enable us to expand to three times the size to accommodate future growth. These are very exciting times for MacLean Curtis and MacLean-Fogg.”

Duncan MacLean, president, MacLean-Fogg said, “The MacLean Curtis plant location in North Carolina has given MacLean-Fogg a greater presence in the southeast. This proximity facilitates relationships with customers headquartered in this region that are in need of precision-machined components. Our future for growth and product portfolio expansion begins now.”

John O’Neill, general manager, MacLean Curtis, stated, “The possibilities our Mooresville plant offer seem endless. We benchmarked our plant planning and development against best in the industry MacLean-Fogg plants. We included to our already existing equipment assets additional multi-spindle machines and new CNC lathes and milling machines. We are proud of our new tilt up concrete insulated wall building which is typified by attractiveness, efficiency and longevity. Our environmentally friendly plant includes a state-of-the-art air filtration system, providing a cleaner environment for our personnel and our machines; an open air design with LED lighting providing a brighter and cleaner work space; an advanced HVAC system for greater energy and cost efficiencies; and a state-of-the-art water filtration system enabling us to be environmentally respectful by processing and re-using our waste water.”

The MacLean Curtis Mooresville plant Grand Opening celebration on November 3 took place at the 476 acre Mooresville Industrial Business Park East. MacLean Curtis is the first business to be built in this industrial park and has been very well received by the Mooresville community. The event included a ribbon cutting at 10:00 a.m., visitor tours and a luncheon. Executives onsite included Barry MacLean, chief executive officer, MacLean-Fogg; Duncan MacLean, president, MacLean-Fogg; Paul Hojnacki, president, MacLean Curtis; John O’Neill, general manager, MacLean Curtis; MacLean-Fogg senior executives; representatives from the Mooresville Economic Development Corporation; invited city, state and county commissioners and administrators; federal representatives; local businesses; builders; utilities; and employees.

MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions, a division of the MacLean-Fogg Company, is a leading supplier of fasteners, engineered components, engineered plastics and linkage and suspension products servicing many diverse industries. MacLean-Fogg Company is a worldwide enterprise with 40 global manufacturing facilities across 6 continents with annual sales in excess of one billion (USD) and a workforce of over 4,000. MacLean-Fogg Company provides engineered metal and plastic components to the industrial, automotive, and military markets amongst others, along with unique devices used in the transmission and distribution of electrical power.

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