As MacLean do Brasil (“MdB”) turned the calendar on a new year, it also celebrated its 500th straight day without a reported safety incident.  MdB’s management commitment to prioritizing worker safety began well before the MacLean Power Systems’ acquisition in February 2013.  To prevent injuries, MdB actively took key action steps to prioritize safety in the workplace, including:

  • Improving in-house designed machinery and equipment safeguards,
  • Increasing operator training, and
  • Instituting an employee raffle for every 100 day period during which no safety incidents occur, to foster a sense of accountability and reward.

After 500 days, MdB is setting its sights on another accident-free year and May 16, 2015, which will signify 1,000 days with no accidents.

MacLean do Brasil (“MdB”) Director of Operations with 500 Days sign