MacLean Power Systems Civil Group (MPS Civil) and Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) have partnered to maximize both organizations outreach into the domestic and global deep foundation markets. In February 2015, the MPS Civil Project Manager was asked to chair the DFI Manufacturers, Suppliers and Service Provider Committee (MSSP). The MSSP committee was formed to specifically accomplish a major DFI strategic initiative of addressing the needs of their corporate membership. The inaugural meeting was held at the IFCEE 2015 conference in March in San Antonio, Texas where the MPS Civil Project Manager was introduced as the committee chair. The MPS Manager also moderated a day long technical session on helical piles at the conference.

In early May 2015, MPS Civil attended the DFI SuperPile conference in Orlando, Florida. The MPS Civil Project Manager conducted an MSSP workshop to develop three initiatives presented in the February meeting. These initiatives included a marketing email program for members, business development seminars and trade expo presentation. At that time, DFI committed to a trial run of the business development seminars and the trade expo presentations at the annual meeting in Oakland.

MPS Civil was the host of the 2015 Helical Pile and Tiebacks seminar in Newark, New Jersey. The MPS Civil Sales Manager, the MPS Engineering Manager and the MPS Civil Project Manager were part of the 90+ engineers, manufacturers and trade contractors in attendance. The MPS Civil Project Manager was the moderator for the one-day technical seminar. MacLean Civil and a local distributor had side-by-side booths in the exhibitor hall.

In October 2015, MPS Civil members attended the DFI annual conference in Oakland, California. In addition to the conference, the MPS Civil Project Manager attended the DFI chairperson workshop and dinner with the DFI Board and employees. During the conference, the MPS Civil Project Manager and MPS Civil Sales Manager were asked to attend the Women in Deep Foundation mixer and meeting in an effort to promote female participation in the Deep Foundation industry. Both also attended the Helical Pile and Tiebacks and MSSP committee meetings.

The MPS Civil Project Manager hosted and moderated the inaugural DFI Business Development Seminar and Trade Expo Presentations at the annual conference. The Business Development Seminar included a presentation on email communication. The Trade Expo Presentations included five short 15-minute presentations from exhibitors at the conference. Attendance for this session surpassed all imaginable expectations of 90+. DFI is very excited to commit to a full presentation schedule at upcoming conferences.

MPS Civil teaming with DFI is one of many initiatives the MPS Civil products team is leading to ensure MPS future growth and prosperity.