MacLean Power’s corrosion resistant splice (CRS) features the latest in automatic splice innovation and addresses two major concerns of utilities: ensuring proper insertion of the conductor into the splice and improved reliability through increased corrosion resistance. MPS receives valuable information when they advise utility engineers and meet with linemen, since they are the ones who regularly use the product in the field. An event in Florida, which gathered over one hundred linemen from several surrounding utilities, provided another opportunity to discuss the CRS splice.

Topics covered during the informative sessions included why MacLean Power developed the CRS splice, proper installation techniques for the product, and how the pop-up tab feature works on the splice. Linemen are well-known for providing their opinion on items used in the field, and the CRS splice was well received. The linemen also provided valuable feedback on other products from both MacLean and the competition. This information will be used to help shape new product development.

Sales of the CRS splice are strong.  Attending more events like the one in Florida will fuel new product growth and product improvements.