Lean Leadership was developed in 2014 in Mundelein, Illinois to support leaders in their role of facilitating 5-S and PDCA. The Lean Leadership curriculum has reached another MFCS facility, Chesterfield, Michigan. During six one-day classroom sessions, the management team at Chesterfield is learning the profound meaning of each of the five S’s and gaining a deep understanding about how to facilitate PDCA problem solving.

Throughout the days and weeks between each classroom session, the Lean Leaders in training perform 5-S in their personal areas and work through structured 5-S initiative in a common area of the Chesterfield operation. In addition to the technical Lean skills critical to the Lean Leader’s role, the coursework includes focus on conflict resolution, facilitation, communication and positive discipline.

The Lean Leadership experience has been fulfilling for student and teacher alike. And, strong demand for this course is growing throughout the company.  Classes are scheduled throughout 2015.