The 5-day LBT (Lean Basic Training) was conducted at Yangzhou, China, July 3 through July 7 at a manufacturing factory of one of MacLean-Fogg International suppliers.

Attendees came from MFI-Taiwan, MFI-Qingdao, MacLean-Dulhunty Power Yangzhou, and the owner and instructor of the consulting and training company from Shanghai, China.

The 5-day LBT training class began with 4 days of classroom training and site audits, which included walking through manufacturing processes. There were 3 – 4 groups for specific topics. Each group had hands-on experience during training by walking the floor and observing the process, talking with workers, analyzing, arriving at a solution and sharing findings and solutions with all attendees.

The 5th and last day of training looked back on the previous 4 days of training. Attendees presented summary reports on different topics of the training class. The instructor assigned homework for attendees to complete and submit one month after training. It was valuable to have MacLean-Fogg and a supplier attend Lean Basic Training together to learn and share experiences.

Group reporting activity (below)

Attendees joined discussion and reporting (below)

The instructor delivered valuable information (below)

On-site 5S checking (below)

Group reporting (below)

Casting line VSM (below)

Continuous Improvement Process (below)

Factory VSD (below)

Plan-Do-Check-Act (below)