Friday, March 14, 2014 was a critical day for young people in York, South Carolina to gain a new perspective on their studies through hands-on learning and a one-day mentoring experience.

York Comprehensive High School and York One Academy students and their chaperone visited MPS York for a day of job shadowing.  Each student was paired with a mentor who they “shadowed” throughout the day to experience how the skills they learn in the classroom can be applied to the real world.  This event also provided an opportunity to introduce future employees to the vast array of careers available in the manufacturing industry.

The students started the day by participating in a safety orientation led by a Human Resources Supervisor.  Following the orientation, each student was paired with a mentor who walked the students through each of their respective operations.  The students had the opportunity to learn and ask questions about manufacturing transmission and distribution insulators as well as arresters and cutouts.  The students walked away from the experience with an understanding of how important MPS jobs are by providing power to people, particularly following storms, such as Super Storm Sandy.

Th students expressed sadness when their day ended.  Many even stated that they are already planning to come and work for us.  One student who graduated in June plans to submit an application.

It is a pleasure that, as a business, we can partner with education to continue to bridge the gap between learning new skills and applying them, as well as helping to educate our future employees.