On August 30, 2018, Metform was recognized by GM as the Supplier of the Year, for the second year in a row, with this prestigious award.

Amid the current fast-paced environment of the automotive industry, we met GM’s demands for higher volumes and, at the same time, maintained high quality standards. This is a difficult award to achieve based on the stringent criteria by GM. The criteria takes into account several key metrics which are evaluated by all the GM plants to which Metform supplies parts. These metrics include Quality, Delivery, Program Management, Certifications (IATF, BiQS, etc.) and Customer Satisfaction, among others.

Only 10 to 15% of GM’s supply base receives this prestigious award each year. The GM Supplier Quality Engineer expressed her recognition by saying, “I am very proud to have you as a supplier and encourage you to continually improve.”

We are very proud of this achievement and will use it in our journey of making Metform a World Class Manufacturing Organization. This award was possible due to the efforts of our team members, so they deserve all the credit. Congratulations to the entire Metform team for this achievement.