Formula SAE is an engineering design competition for college and university student members that challenges engineering students to conceive, design, fabricate and compete with a small, formula-style, competition vehicle. Team creations are tested for optimum performance, endurance and emissions.

The 2018 Formula SAE Michigan Competition took place at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan. Over 80 universities across the United States and world participated in the competitive event. For the fourth year in a row, MacLean-Fogg proudly served as an event sponsor.

Special thanks to this year’s volunteers who represented many areas of the MacLean-Fogg Company:

• MFCS Manufacturing Engineer
• MFCS Marketing Associate
• MFCS Process Engineer
• MFCS Project Engineer
• MFCS Sales and Marketing Associate
• MFCS Senior Application Engineers
• MFCS Tool Design Engineer
• MFCS Vice President of Sales and Marketing
• MF Human Resource Business Analyst
• MF Human Resource Generalist
• MF Manufacturing Management Program Engineer

MacLean-Fogg Fastener Technical Presentation
SAE gives sponsors the opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge with students participating in the event. Students can register to attend these “Skill Shops” throughout the competition. This year, our fastening experts, Manufacturing Management Program Engineer at Royal Oak, and Process Engineer at Maynard, presented a Skill Shop titled, “Engineering Basics of Threaded Fastener Design and Analysis,” to over 40 students from various universities. This skill shop provided students with a basic overview of fastener engineering including design, function, materials, common failure modes and applications. They also included a discussion of locking fasteners, why they are needed, different types of locking fasteners, and how they function.

MacLean-Fogg Fastening Challenge
As a leading supplier of fasteners, MacLean-Fogg once again held the MacLean-Fogg Fastening Challenge. This contest is an opportunity for teams to share a specific challenge they faced with a fastener component on their competition vehicle. Opportunities included explaining how they addressed the problem, describing what they learned about fastener-related engineering during the design, and identifying how this knowledge could be applied to the Automotive Industry as a whole.

MacLean-Fogg’s Fastening Challenge Winners

MacLean-Fogg also raffled off a cooler. To enter the drawing, Formula SAE participants needed to stop by the MacLean-Fogg booth or tweet using the hashtags #macleanfogg and #FSAEmichigan. This year’s lucky winner was from Lawrence Technological University.

For information on the 2019 SAE Collegiate Design Series Schedule visit: