Note:  This article is slightly amended from an internal MFCS communication from the Liederbach, Germany staff announcing, in English, the successful launch of their new sensor linkage product line.

Working diligently with customers and sensor suppliers, since 2009, MFCS GmbH has been developing a new product line, sensor linkages.  In June 2012, the company received an RFQ for a Sensor Linkage System comprised of various assemblies for front, rear, on-road and off-road applications.  This proposed system is designed for the European market, due to special regulations for light distance control units when using LED and Xenon headlights.

The customer requested a quote for the complete sensor system, which included the link body, ball stud, screws, mounting bracket and motion sensor.  The final quote resulted in a nomination as a series supplier for the program with a first part delivery target of March 2013.

After receipt of the nomination letter, and in view of a tight timing plan, the project was kicked-off with enthusiasm.  The company’s logistics team explored an ESD-conform production work place and special packaging requirements and did a great job in the layout and the packaging. The customer’s packaging engineer agreed without any amendments.  The new professional looking ESD work place will ensure a smooth production flow.

In the beginning of February 2013, the customer noted that they would require a change to the front bracket design since one of their assembly tools would interfere with the bracket and thus assembly at the production line would be problematic.  The bracket supplier was instructed to stop work on the respective tooling.  Any change to the tooling and the bracket would put the timing at risk, and besides the bracket, the link body could become subject to change.  After discussion, it made more sense to change the hand tool for assembly.  The project continued with the new design.

In the beginning of April, the company had all parts on site and went into the fine-tuning process to meet the series specifications.  The ESD production work place was completed and a new employee, dedicated to sensor system production, was employed.  On April 9 and 10, the Run@Rate was completed without any issues and the company was able to forward the customer documentation and parts as agreed.  Thanks to the company’s Quality Manager, who besides the time pressure, ensured a professional process.  On May 12, the company received full release and, on May 7, the first series shipment of all three sensor systems left the plant.

The whole Liederbach team took part in getting this program running on time without any major issues.  We are all very proud of our first assignment for sensor linkages and especially that, with this first assignment, MFCS did not only become a series supplier for sensor linkages, but for the complete sensor systems.