One of the most interesting innovations in manufacturing over the past few years have been the advances in Additive Manufacturing, often referred to as 3-D printing. There are many different processes that comprise the world of additive manufacturing. What few don’t know is that a variety materials can be used across these processes, not just plastics.

In the spirit of innovation, MacLean-Fogg has been getting more involved with utilizing the speed and design freedoms that Additive Manufacturing can provide. For the past few weeks, many of our local plastic additive machines has been busy printing face shield components. This face shield effort has been a multi-location effort as machines in Detroit, at MPS in Alabama and MFCS in Wisconsin have been involved in the printing.

As of April 27, MacLean-Fogg has created 160 face shield kits to protect our employees and local first responders. On the 22nd we delivered 50 face shield kits to Macomb Country (Michigan) Emergency Management. MCEM is coordinating with local healthcare centers, police and fire departments, nursing homes, and other local essential businesses in need of PPE. Moving forward the MacLean-Fogg team will continue to produce face shield kits for internal use and to donate batches of masks to those in need.