MFCS – Engineered Plastics Company (EPC) began developing an engineering solution for a major automotive OEM several years ago for the fixation of PedPro (Pedestrian Protection) sensors to the front fascia (bumper cover) of their new 2015 performance car. The design challenge was to enable the sensor to detect low speed pedestrian impacts in order to deploy the energy management hood in a matter of split seconds. EPC engineered and designed, prototyped and production tooled an insert molded bracket that could be welded to the inside of the fascia without any ‘A’ surface detection. The program was a complete success as it allowed the sensor to activate the hood faster for greater pedestrian safety and was credited to a 1 pound weight save for the vehicle by avoiding other less efficient and heavier solutions.

Our OEM customer thought so highly of the MacLean-Fogg solution, that they recommended it be considered for a Society of Plastics Engineers innovation award. Three months after submission, it was learned that the solution was voted a finalist in the category of Safety. Over 1,000 automotive engineers and suppliers were present at the 2015 SPE Innovation Awards Gala held in Detroit on November 11, 2015. MacLean-Fogg was recognized for their contribution to the innovative use of plastics technologies.

Congratulations to our EPC team and the engineers at our OEM customer who supported our design solution and championed the SPE award nomination.  This solution is now being further optimized to offer even greater benefits to OEMs with the ability to be utilized as a ‘universal solution’ for many new future fascia systems.

Read about all of the finalists on the Society of Plastics Engineers website,  Read more about the MFCS EPC Division by visiting

MacLean-Fogg Engineered Plastics Flexible Fascia Bracket