Engineered Plastics Company Achieves One Year of Monthly Mission Zero Team Meetings
EPC’s monthly Mission Zero Team Meetings achieved one year of meetings on March 26, 2019. They have been peer-encouraged, health-focused, and action-biased.

The A3 aim is to “Increase awareness of high risk behaviors and safety/healthy choices.” Goals are: A) Activity Based Education B) Goal Setting C) Peer Encouragement, and D) A Bias Towards Action.

March 18
The EPC site nurse kicked off the Mission Zero Team Meetings. She led a 10-minute stretching exercise and reviewed MacLean-Fogg’s Wellness plan.

May 18
Two HR managers prepared healthy snack options. Everyone received an education and enjoyed the experience.

June 18
We reviewed the Mission Zero A3 then we went outside for a 15-minute walk. The Goal Card helped us challenge the status quo. Our focus was wellness and continuous improvement. Research shows 42% improvement in the ability to achieve a goal by writing it down.

July 18
The EPC site nurse discussed the opioid epidemic. She proceeded with a relaxation/guided imagery session. The focus was on stress reduction.

August 18
We conducted our Annual HazCom training. We introduced the Appalachian Trail challenge, and Discover Whitewater Run (Couch to 5k). The later is EPC-sponsored.

September 18
The local police department educated and discussed active shooter situations.

November 18
We had a discussion on Financial Wellness led by a YouTube video.

January 19
New Year launched with Family Feud – Fast Food Edition. Three HR managers were game show hosts. They challenged teams to consider what they’re eating when they hit the drive-through.

February 19
The focus was on EHS Observations. Groups of 3-4 people went to the Gemba to identify and fix a safety hazard. Focus was on action and making the condition better. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and everyone can make an impact. If something could not be immediately resolved, we used the EHS observation form.

2018 Summary
Many employees experienced life changing moments: running their first 5K run, adopting healthier eating habits, losing weight, transforming their body, and becoming more financially aware. We look forward to continuing to improve lives in 2019.