MFCS-Engineered Plastics Company (EPC) began developing a way in which it could quickly and cost-effectively prove out concepts to customers for innovative application ideas. Most customers are not aware of new plastics technologies that could actually lead them to a high confidence in the possibilities of lower weight, cost and corrosion solutions to their current and future products.

One of our new Tier One customers has recently taken advantage of EPC’s advanced engineering and rapid prototype capabilities in their development of a ‘Metal to Plastics’ conversion project.

Our advanced 3D printing capability utilizes the latest polymer high-performance resin systems capable of temperatures never seen before by printable materials (525°F). This allows us to print parts in just two days and have them in hot oil testing for product design feasibility. Following a successful performance evaluation based upon product design, we then can move to truly building a prototype tool for injection molding of the perfected design in actual production materials for product performance certification.

As a result of EPC’s team effort and support in assisting our new Tier-One customer with new cost effective innovative product development processes, EPC has received purchase orders for both advanced 3D printing and rapid prototype tool build for one of their flagship products that could be quickly moving from steel to plastics.

Advanced rapid prototyping technologies will be another strategic advantage for EPC as we continue to offer our customers value-add capabilities.

Another great team effort from the EPC Engineering, Manufacturing and Program Management Group.