On Wednesday, April 19th, during an on-campus ceremony, MacLean-Fogg associates presented the MacLean-Fogg Cup to the captains of the Clean Snowmobile Team at École De Technologie Supérieure (ETS). ETS is an engineering school in the center of Montreal, Canada. In March, they defeated 12 other United States and Canadian engineering schools to win first place in the internal combustion engine class of the 2017 SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge. Their diesel-powered snowmobile also took first place, defeating 5 other schools. The President of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions attended the post event closing ceremony where he had the 2016 winner, University of Wisconsin-Madison, present the cup to ETS. An ETS nameplate was added to the list of winners on the cup.

By winning first place in the internal combustion class, École De Technologie Supérieure earned the traveling MacLean-Fogg Cup and the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association award for first place. They succeeded in developing a quiet but feasible design, winning awards for PCB’s quietest snowmobile CAMSO traction, BRC’s most practical design, Polaris’ best handling and Mahle’s best engine design.

The ETS facility and students were excellent hosts for our visit. We toured their labs dedicated to team efforts and learned how seriously ETS focuses on student competitions as part of the hands-on engineering education they provide. ETS has 26 student-led competition teams ranging from common competitions like Formula SAE and Baja SAE to niche international competitions for solar cars, wind power cars, human powered submarines, concrete canoes and catamaran sailing.

The MacLean-Fogg Cup
The MacLean-Fogg Cup is a custom work by Detroit based artist, Sergio De Giusti. Mr. De Giusti’s work has been widely exhibited in both the United States and Europe, including: The Detroit Institute of Art, The Newark Museum, The Tampa Museum, The Smithsonian, The British Museum in London, The Minnesota Museum of Art, The Council of Cultural Affairs in Stockholm, Sweden, The Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest, Hungary, and The Institute of Culture in Zacatecas, Mexico. The MacLean-Fogg Cup is cast out of bronze, honoring the copper mining heritage of the Keweenaw Peninsula, where the Clean Snowmobile Competition is held. A close look at the trophy will reveal intersecting tracks evoking the trails left by snowmobiles on fresh snow.

MacLean-Fogg looks forward to sponsoring the 2018 contest.  Best of luck to ETS and all of the teams.

MacLean-Fogg associates with the winning team captains and the MacLean-Fogg Cup.

École De Technologie Supérieure won first place in the internal combusion class.