In November 2018, representatives of MacLean do Brasil (MdB) participated in SENDI. With over 4,000 attendees, SENDI is Brazil’s most prominent utility lineman rodeo convention. Its mission is to encourage best practices in work safety and innovation across Brazil’s distribution utilities. The show was hosted in Fortaleza by COELCE, a local distribution company and subsidiary of ENEL, one of the world’s largest utilities.

Automatic Corrosion Resistant Splice (CRS) Promotion
MdB participated in SENDI to promote MacLean’s automatic corrosion resistant splice (CRS). MacLean’s original automatic splice design is over 70 years old. It has long been accepted in the United States; however, most Brazilian utilities began learning about the product over the past few years when MdB introduced it.

MdB manned a product booth, gave presentations, and provided installation demonstrations of the automatic CRS. Additionally, three Brazilian utilities included it within their own presentations describing innovative products they have begun using. An automatic CRS was also used to connect conductor in a highly visible central area where the lineman rodeo took place.

Strong Utility Interest in the Automatic CRS
Utility interest in the automatic CRS has been quite strong. The automatic CRS is easy and quick to install compared to the formed wire and compression splices currently used by utilities. This is especially important within the Brazilian market, where utilities and contractors struggle to retain qualified linemen and are penalized by the minute for unplanned electricity outages. MacLean’s automatic CRS contains a unique “pop-up” tab providing a visible and tactile indicator to confirm that proper and secure installation has occurred.

Going into 2019, MdB is experiencing a surge in automatic CRS demand from the groundwork laid over the past several years. With widespread enthusiastic response coming from SENDI and one-on-one customer visits, automatic CRS is expected to continue advancing as the connection device of choice in Brazil.

Top – Demonstration of automatic corrosion resistant splice for distribution.

Bottom – Open presentation demonstrates how MacLean’s automatic corrosion resistant splice (CRS) works.