2015 is an exciting year for MacLean-Fogg and brings about four significant milestones in our company’s history. First, it marks the 90th anniversary of the creation of MacLean-Fogg Company. 90 years ago, John MacLean Sr., former Vice President and General Manager of the Boss Nut Company, took advantage of an opportunity to start his own business in locking fasteners. His assets included his own energy and creativity, the Number 1 Lock Nut, his sales partner, Jack Fogg—a legend in the railroad industry—and his two customers:  the Santa Fe Railroad and the Milwaukee Railroad. That same year, John MacLean Jr. joined the MacLean-Fogg Company. His philosophy for the company, which still lives on today, was “Help the industry, and we will help ourselves. Solve the customer’s problems, at a fair price, and on time.”



Additionally, 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions’ plant in Mundelein, Illinois. In 1965, MacLean-Fogg relocated the company and manufacturing operations north from Chicago to a former farm in Mundelein, IL. Today, it is responsible for over $80 million in internally threaded fastener sales. It is the leading automotive fastener supplier and will continue to grow with its ever-expanding manufacturing capabilities.



MacLean Saegertown, located in Saegertown, PA, also celebrates its 50th year in business this year.  MacLean Saegertown, which joined the MacLean-Fogg family in 2008, is one of North America’s leading cold forming operations, serving a diverse range of industries with high quality net shape and near net shape parts.  They specialize in cold forming gear blanks, powertrain components, appliance couplings, and a variety of other products for several different industries.



The newest division to join MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions, MacLean Curtis, is celebrating a commendable 110 years in business.  MacLean Curtis joined the MacLean-Fogg family in 2014.  MacLean Curtis is a leading manufacturer of precision screw machined components and assemblies for a vast array of markets.  Their capabilities include Multi-spindle screw machining, Hydromat rotary transfer precision machining and CNC machining.  This division of MFCS specializes in the machining of gear blanks, automatic transmission components, transmission park system components, and fitting & connectors.

In honor of each anniversary, we have created logos to commemorate these momentous occasions. Congratulations to the MacLean-Fogg Company and our MacLean-Fogg Component Solutions divisions for celebrating such landmark events!