Over the last 5 years, Mundelein has worked to realize the central mission of Operational Transformation; the creation of a learning organization focused on the development of all team members and the empowerment of those individuals to drive change. Recognizing generational differences as a factor in developing our younger team members, Mundelein launched an Accelerated Leadership Program in 2016 with management support.

The Accelerated Leadership Program is designed to provide participants with the skills necessary to drive change by providing a range of experience-based learning opportunities rooted in Operational Transformation and the MacLean-Fogg culture. The curriculum, rolled out in January 2016, consists of seven components:

1. Subject Matter Expert Education:  Classes in Shipping, Supply Chain, Sales, Quality, Engineering, Finance and Manufacturing are being taught by MacLean-Fogg employees who graciously accepted to volunteer their time, and share their tacit knowledge. The participants asked for these topics due to the desire to increase their competencies.

2. Mentor/Advisor Program:  A few participants were aligned directly with a Mentor, and the remainder were given a panel of Advisors that they are free to ask questions concerning their work journey at MacLean-Fogg. A journal with their meetings, questions asked, concerns had and results is updated during each visit.

3. Site Observations:  Each participant will be required to visit two MacLean-Fogg sites throughout the year including the Power side of the business. Reflection questions are required to be answered, a focus of the visits is established and agreed upon with their Manager.

4. Community Service Project:  As a group, a community service project provided for the Mundelein plant, as well as MacLean-Fogg in entirety, will be decided upon, organized and offered in 2016.

5. Lean Projects:  Each participant will actively seek opportunities to be involved in the Lean journey both individually and in a team environment.

6. Lean Professional Completion:  Each participant will be required to complete Lean Professional by December 2017.

7. Speaking Opportunity:  A Lean Leader Instructor has the opportunity of teaching in many MacLean-Fogg facilities all throughout the year. Each participant must arrange a time, location and topic with her to facilitate leadership content to fellow MacLean-Fogg employees.